"I was full of energy when I was a child. I always wanted to play and explore—this is probably also why I was asking a lot of questions."

"In my audit work today, it is a similar frame of mind. I am in Luxembourg now, exploring and travelling. Seeing new places brought me here today!"

Amy Walker, Audit

As an auditor, you will give assurance to shareholders on whether a company's accounts or financial statements give a "true and fair view". Being an auditor is being far more than just ticking boxes: you can add value to companies by spotting opportunities where they can do better in terms of conducting their business and meeting operational and regulatory challenges. As our clients' needs and demands are evolving, we need to provide them with pragmatic and bold advice. It can be challenging but you will learn a lot and benefit from a whole range of professional accreditations.

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Which aspects of your work do you enjoy?

The chance to work on different jobs and for different clients. This enables you to meet a lot of people with whom you can interact. You can ask questions and you are given an answer – even from senior people – as they are open to sharing their knowledge with you. You learn a lot in a short space of time and the speed of work is captivating. Sometimes you are assigned on-site to a client and then you experience a different culture and work.

What are the challenges of your position?

Ocasionally, the language barrier can be diffi cult, especially with the technical language if you are not a native speaker. Our "busy season" can be quite stressful at times, you need to meet deadlines for the clients and it can be very busy for a couple of months. The advantage, is that you learn a lot.

What skills do you need?

You need to have team spirit and share work with your colleagues, that is how you meet tight deadlines. You should also be very organized and disciplined to make sure that you have the right information. A lot depends on your skills. You have to like numbers and accounting and be open to work in a demanding environment.

"The chance to work on different jobs and for different clients."

Amy Walker