"When I was in school, I was outgoing—I wasn’t shy. I liked socialising, chatting to different people."

"Today, those skills get put to use every day. HR is all about finding, making, and managing connections with people."

Carolin Razen, HR

Central Services is a catch-all word for the Human Resources, Secretaries, IT, Learning & Development, Facilities, Finance, Planning, Knowledge Management, Risk Management and Marketing departments at KPMG. In each of these areas you’ll find teams who are pioneers in their fields, helping the firm as a whole be agile and sharp. There are many different types of expertise that fall into this category, but what’s shared is a pride in what we do and in being able to adapt to—or invent—better ways to do them.

More from Carolin Razen on her role in central services...

What do you do?

Within HR I’m a recruiter specifically in charge of the entire hiring lifecycle for experienced profiles, from locating candidates, to interviewing, decision-making, and following up. I’m also the first point of contact here for all recruitment matters, and I coach newer members of the recruitment team. In addition there are always other projects and events going on—earlier this year I went to Dubai to participate in a global KPMG student event.

Which aspects of your work do you enjoy?

I would say the variety, and the contact with people. Every day is different, and even if the skeleton of some aspects is the same, like interviewing a candidate, the details always vary. I come up against different personalities, backgrounds, and cultures constantly. Also, I get to exercise my language skills on a regular basis, which is especially key in Luxembourg.

What are the challenges of your position?

For a recruiter, the toughest thing is to find the perfect candidate for the job. One interview isn’t much time to get to know someone, so you must work fast and ask good questions—and then make a major decision about accepting or rejecting them. It can also be hard to find good candidates in the first place, because attractive CVs don’t always just roll in, so it takes creativity and effort to locate them.

What skills do you need?

Overall, you need to be outgoing. It really helps if you enjoy talking to people! Plus, you need to be organised and quick, because the pace can be very fast. On one end, every department feels that their job vacancies are the top priority, and on the other, candidates might have other offers so you have to be reactive.

"The details always vary. I come up against different personalities, backgrounds, and cultures constantly."

Carolin Razen