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Date : 13/02/2013
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In this edition, KPMG Luxembourg's Charles Muller interviews Global Head of Investment Management Tom Brown about the questions asset managers will be seeking to answer in 2013.

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KPMG Luxembourg's Charles Muller shares with us his view on the European Commission's ELTIF proposal which is seen as a key instrument for providing long term financing in the EU economy.

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KPMG Luxembourg's Charles Muller gives an update on the status of AIFMD implementation on 22 July 2013, the EU deadline for transposition.

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In this Funds issues, KPMG Luxembourg's Sarah Brook is presenting the latest ESMA guidelines and requirements on ETFs and other UCITS issues towards more transparency and enhanced investor protections.

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KPMG Luxembourg's Charles Muller outlines the latest regulations affecting European Asset Managers. In this issue, Charles updates us on an EU Commission consultation regarding changes to the UCITS framework, including product rules, liquidity management, depositary passports, money market funds and long-term investments.